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What is myBeegarden?

myBeegarden is a contemporary, fast, flexible and powerful web-based system for beekeepers’ diary. Each beekeeper gets the opportunity to optimize the care for his bee-garden and control the main parameters. With myBeegarden You closely follow the plan you have chosen for unlimited number of hives, relying on years of history and statistics, for each of Your bee-gardens and each beehive. We are sure that you want to increase your productivity and to achieve better results. New method of beekeeping management with myBeegarden software enable you to lead uncle the work on the beehives and to analyze in this way you will have more successful seasons.

Some features

myBeegarden is easy, well organized and convenient for use

myBeegarden provides dedicated link for each beekeeper

with myBeegarden You may manage more than one bee-garden and unlimited number of beehives

no matter what kind of computer, tablet or smartphone you use, myBeegarden is optimized for work using your internet browser

with myBeegarden You may add own option about apiary, hive and to-do list

Compare your data about apiary and hives

full statistics of the development and the produce for each bee-garden and beehive by year

if you need information which has been input, You may print it out or export it to MS Excel

Backup / Restore your data

Map showing where fly bees from your apiary

Warehouse with hives

Notification center with scheduled tasks

Additional features: Beekeeper’s notepad and Beekeeper to-do List


Having a beekeeper’s notepad is great and we are providing you with a tool in which you could have both - the bee-garden’s diary and the beekeeper’s notepad.

• Write down the experiments which you implement on your bee-garden
• Keep notes on different technologies for taking care of bees
• Keep notes on bees reaction for selected moments
• Set your targets for the season
• You may share experience with colleagues and you have many other opportunities

Beekeepers’ Notepad in myBeegarden
Creating a to-do list for the bee-garden

To-Do list

Each beekeeper knows that during the active season there are many tasks related to each beehive. Having many hives means that the beekeeper is not able to remember by memory what has been done and what has to be done for each one. With myBeegarden we are providing you with the opportunity to add tasks for each beehive and plan each bee-garden’s attendance. You may print all the tasks added for the following day or week.

Create to-do lists, and become more organized, saving time with each next attendance of the bee-garden.

and many additional features - adding the feeding, adding treatments, adding data of bee mother, history of each hive, overview of completed tasks, add own option for hive, mother and to-do list... make free registration here to check all features
myBeegarden Multilanguage


The new version of myBeegarden is now available on: Bulgarian, English, Romanian and Spanish. Coming soon: Polish, Russian, Turkish, Italian, German

Acceess to myBeegarden from any device, anytime and anywhere

Beekeeper software mybeegarden

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Screenshots of myBeegarden

Beekeeper’s diary with easy, tidy and convenient interface, accessible for each beekeeper.
  • Online Professional Beekeeper’s Diary
  • Management of Bee-gardens
  • Management of Beehives
  • Statistics for the Beekeeping Season
  • Beekeeper’s Notepad
  • Beekeeper’s Profile
  • Enter Bee-garden Data
  • Enter Beehive Data

Free plan for unlimited period

Get started with ‘Free Subscription’

We are offering to You a free of charge subscription for unlimited period for starting beekeepers or beekeepers who manage a low number of beehives, which would like to organize and maintain beekeeper’s diary. With the free plan you may add 1 bee-garden and up to 5 beehives, with almost full data functionality.

When activated free subscription, you can at any time to upgrade your subscription to a higher with full functionality of the software.

Browse myBeegarden’s plans and their features in Plans .

Free plan for unlimited period

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Managing your beegarden has never been so easy.


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